Finally learned enough Python, PHP and RSS to make something!

Send me feedback!

Updated every 3 hours. If you click through to a tweet and get a 'This content is unavailable to you', refresh that page and it should come up.

The idea is to collect news from around the top 20 sources in each category. So you can take a quick look over a vast swath of news in a short amount of time and click through to anything that catches your eye. Almost like a curated RSS feed. Headlines only.

As far as Twitter posts collected here, I noticed right away that I had to filter out @ tweets because it was just too easy to end up with a bunch of half conversations around a topic you had no idea about. Who am I missing in your niche?

Not sure where I'm going with this, but it's something I wanted to make happen for a long time. Maybe I'll end up setting up custom niche feeds as a service. Is that something you'd pay for?